Battlefield 1 Concept Art Upscaled for Wallpaper Use

These are some really nice Battlefield 1 wallpapers taken from the original concept art.

Battlefield 1 Concept Art Wallpaper24 - TH8m4Iq.jpg

Spoilt for choice. I’ll be rotating my desktop backgrounds somewhat.

On my MAC, I have a ton of the Battlefield wallpapers setup using some kinda built in rotation script

DICE used concept art to convince EA that a world war 1 game would work for the next Battlefield title, EA wanted to do a future shooter, I think JackFrags mentioned it in one of his videos, this is really awesome

if they had gone future shooter, I would not have bought it. We have enough of those. All the ones that are out are very poorly done in my opinion.

With that being said, arent we due to go back to the beaches of Normandy sometime soon? WWII shooter would go down nicely.

After Battefield 1? That would truly be amazing! Let’s hope for the best

Would make for some good progression. WWI then straight onto WWII.

If DICE brings out a future shooter with the next title, I won’t be even mad, I think I will actually buy it, depending how well Titanfall 2 does