Battlefield 6 Alpha Coming Soon

We are fully expecting to see an alpha version of the game WELL before we did for Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V. How are we so confident? Well, from the memo that was published directly by EA Chief Studio Officer Laura Miele. Here is the blurb that we are interested in.

“The project is tracking towards the franchise’s earliest Alpha, the gameplay is at an unprecedented scale, and we are taking full advantage of the technology in the next-gen consoles,” The team has done an incredible job despite the challenges of working from home. We want to build on our position of strength, focus on the opportunity in front of us, and set our game makers up for success to deliver
the best experience possible to our players this fall.”

Now that we know that Criterion Studios is helping to develop the game, this all makes sense. Many hands make light work

She also mentioned that the first revision of the trailer is done, and we should expect to see something soon. My bet is that we will see it in late March, or early April.


March still seems a little early to me but hey, I’ll take what I can get.
I really hope the teams put their all into this one.

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I dont think we are going to see the alpha in March. I think we will get a trailer, then an alpha in the summer, beta in the fall, and release late fall or early winter

Alpha will be in the summer.