Battlefield 6 destruction system

What would u think about the same destruction system as battlefield 4 on the next one ?

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With the levolution?

would be cool, if you can take out room for room or level for level from a building, but im skeptical, when I see the depri dmg from BF5 …

A couple of things. First off welcome to @Helmut and congrats on your first post.

Second thing, Levolution is going to be (in my opinion) the thing that trusly differentiates the Battlefield franchise from it’s competitors. I am looking at you Call of Duty.

If they manage to pull off truly destructible maps, it would mean that every single match would be unique. Imagine knocking down a bridge so armor cannot cross, however the bridge can be repaired.

Or knocking down a building strategically so that the enemy are forced into a funnel, where they can be mowed down. With infinite destruction, brings infinite map combinations.

thanks, for the welcome! A destructible map/assets witch is changing the map flow, was (since the first Bad Company) the No. One Argument for BF! Many FPS games tried the same and failed.
However, the DICE devs showed in multiple games and maps that they have the ressources to do what they do. Creating changeable maps with the ability that there still playable after something got destroyed, → shanghai / or even change the entire map layout → detroyed Ponaptikum on locker causes the C Flag to disapper, forcing both teams to outkill eatch other instead of Playing flags…

%100 agree.

I have been with the series since 1942 (wake island baby), but it was not until the destructible environments in the game that it really differentied itself from the other shooters out there.

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I started playing BFBC with the age of 10. but from todays view even BF2 got seperated just only by having Vehicles in a “casual” shooter :smiley:

Yeah, but even as far back as 1942 they had controllable vehicles, which was mind blowing at the time.

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As long as we can use a revamped fortification system to build certain parts back up I’ll be happy with pure destruction

I smell a reference to Fortnite… Say it ain’t so.

i smell a ref to BF5, this the only good NEW feature in the whole BF5 game.

Did you guys actually use the new fortification system that was introduced in the newer Battlefield games?

If so, can you help me understand how they worked strategically?

I use them something for covering while we are capping flags but not all, like sand bags to have a bit more cover. They can be useful to stop tanks or that of stuff

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i used them, if i knew for sure enemys will show up, this forts will give me an advantage.

but its still good feature, if i see some bf3/4 map, i know why they should keep this feature AND improving it (sorry drunk r n)

Do you have uber quick fingers? I know when I try to play Fortnite, and then try to build in Battlefield itis a completely different experience.

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Is the game gonna be modeled after BF3/4 or more like 1/5 or maybe a brand new engine?

First off @Kastlez and welcome to the forum.

The rumour is that is a soft relaunch/rebooot of BAttlefield 3. I think it will be a brand new engine. Check this link

At a bare minimum, there should be BF4 level of destruction. Levelution is a weird name but it only added to the battles. More is not always better, but in the case of BF6, more would be great.

Considering the age of BF4, I assume that the destruction coming in the next Battlefield game will be MUCH, much better, and more over the top