Battlefield 6 Tech Preview

I am not sure how I managed to miss this in last years technical preview.

Looks like wide open fields. I did not count the soldiers, but there are a boatload of them. I suspect more than 128. Any one care to count?

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Well, this is interesting. I did a quick and dirty count of the soliders in that image, and it is not more than 64, so I am not sure that has confirmed 128 vs 128 in the next Battlefield game.

Well, well, well. I took some time to count the number of players in this image, and indeed, assuming that all the characters are on one team (they are running in the same direction), I am gonna go out on a limb here and say that 128 vs 128 has all but been confirmed. A year ago.

Could it be that its 64 v 64 128 in total ?

No, I don’t think so. I counted more than 64 players running in the one direction. So I am thinking is it 128 vs 128. We already have 64 vs 64 today…

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I’m a bit nervous at the thoughts of this no. Tbh

It might be too hectic on the Battlefield? 64 v 64 is already hectic :laughing:

I’m not sure if bigger is better ?

YEah, I know what you mean. I think a lot of it would depend on the map. 128 vs 128 on operation locker would be a blood bath, but on something like Golumnd Railway, it is certainly doable.

The maps would have to grow in size and scale, that’s for sure

Yes exactly, I wonder tho, given that we have two types of conquest on bf v will we have the same on bf6, small scale choice and a large scale choice :thinking:

I hope they have a vehicle only mode too to help with upgrading new vehicles including air superiority maybe ?

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Ohhh. I had never thought about a vehicle only mode. Walk me through how that works? You cannot exit a vehicle?

They would have to. I am thinking more because they are planning to support previous gen and next gen consoles. I am not sure that Xbox One S would be able to do 256 man multiplayer.

I would love to see more amphibious warfare, with larger ships. I am thinking about the huge guns that were available in one of the Battlefield 1 maps, where you reign hell down on the fortress from the massive boat.

Ya amphibious would be cool, the vehicle only mode is exactly as you thought, pick your class of aircraft, ship, tank and go at it no exit animation straight up vehicle vs vehicle hellfire.

To be fair dice have an outstanding base to build upon and we know they can have these modes in it if they wanted. I really hope they pull it put of the bag this year.

I wonder if vehicle only modes could also be used to turn into a skills type mode. i.e Range shooting in a Warthog, or speed shooting in an M1Abrams tank.

I agree, DICE has a long history to pull from, and a lot of history to learn from. Remember, Battlefield Hardline. Or would we rather forget that doozie.

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Very interesting thoughts…

Imagine if DICE/EA inadvertently leaked that they were going 128 vs 128 from a video clip that is well over a year old at this point.

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Ah duuuuude hardline is alot of fun I loved it because it was something different I even still play it granted not as much but its definitely a fun game

Theres something off putting about 128 v 128 the scale of maps will be huge, plus imagine not getting a vehicle and having to walk to an objective I mean its a bit%@ on Hamada when everyone gets a vehicle and leaves ya behind :man_shrugging:

Yeah, I agree with you about Hardline, it was fun (was being the keyword, as the servers are ghost towns now).

But for me, it just did not “feel” like a true Battlefield game. It is hard for me to put my finger on it, but something just felt off compared to the other games in the series.

I love this idea. Specifically about the enter/exit animation. It was that one thing that ruined the Red Dead series for me. How often do I really need to see someone get on or get off a horse. It drove me up the wall.

As it stands right now from NDA’s i can only say so much.
I can confirm 128 players per match. 64 a team.
There will be Jets, the Height limit of flying will be vastly larger. Meaning you will be able to fly beyond that normal 800 ft above the map limit. (Dog fighting) weapon and player customization.
Cross platform playing.
Will be releasing on ps4 and ps5 same with Xbox.
Will be a native 4k game 60 to 120 fps.
I will talk with of the guys and see what else i can provide. But thats it for now.

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Could you at least tell me if the HK 416 A5 will be in the next Bf game?

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Time will tell my man!