Battlefield 6 In Game Screenshot

What do you guys think of this? Any chance it is actually real? I think no, but thought I should share it.


Doesn’t look like it’s real. I’m graphic designer and that looks very amature the font is the default photoshop font. Images at the bottom are very generic

Yeah, I agree with you man. Looks pretty fake.

On another note, as a graphics designer, what do you recommend we should do here on the forum, from a design perspective?

I joined today and so far it’s looking neat I thought it’s the official forums lol. Good job whoever worked on it I can’t think of anything you should add at the moment keep it simple and to the point

Well,welcome to our little corner of the internet.

To be honest, not much work was put into ‘skinning’ this forum, so for you to say you wouldnt change anything is saying something!

We are in no way trying to come across as the ‘official’ forums, which are all but abandoned now I think.

What do we think about this one?

Confirmed FAKE.

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