Six man Squad

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That is a 5 man squad, and prolly a platoon leader you see above.

Looks like six man to me…

@Flintstone can you explain what you mean by platoon leader?

it’s a free world, anyone can say what they think :slight_smile:
i see five man squad cause the five men are close together, the last one on top is further away, which to me indicates that this is a new feature, and that guy (platoon leader) could well be in charge of 2-3 squads. i don’t know anything, it’s just what i get out of this picture.

Good point. I also notice that the top player is also a different colour.

I wonder if that would be a commander??

Yes it could be many things, i just called it platoon leader, cause i didnt think of another word like ‘commander’ :slight_smile:

Are you old school enough to remember the commander mode? I think it was either in Battlefield 2 or Battlefield 3?

It was a pretty interesting concept. If you got a good commander, it was a game changer.

yes i am, but i never tried to be commander myself.

You missed out on some good times. The best part was that you did not need to be at your PC / console. You could play from your iPhone. On the bus.

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