Map Location for Battlefield 6 Discovered

Remember way back when when we had that thread about the tech demo for the next Battlefield game?

Well, it looks like we might have missed something.

As you can see plain as day in the middle of his forehead is some numbers. If they are GPS coordinates, then we are headed to Kazakhstan. Another clue that supports this location theory is the “Battlefield V” Eidolon Skin, which players can only unlock after completing a secret challenge. The medallion on its waistband apparently has a series of Roman numerals, which, when translated to GPS coordinates, again points to a place in Kazakhstan.

It is all outlined in the video below.


Well they could just input it cuz they know it will increase the hype and speculation when we discover it, a clever marketing thing if u will, but former russian map maybe cold war senario is interesting

Yeah, but we have to remember that the DICE crew are known for their easter eggs. See the threads below.

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I dunno man. DICE love their Easter Eggs…

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