Take Off Jets and Copters (No Spawning inside)

Please do not spawn players in airplanes. Go back to the style such as Battlefield 2 where you spawn at an air field and must run to the runway. This was a lot more fun and also made it more difficult for people to hog copters and jets. Being able to steal the opponents jet was also a fun strategy.

Please have proximity chat. It’s so annoying not being able to talk to your drive or pilot and tell them you spotted somebody when your a gunner. Odds of them being in the same squad are to slim to rely only on squad voice chat.

I know they won’t but bring back the commander role! I thought that added a lot to strategy and encouraged better team work and communication. However I proximity chat really is the big one here.


From the open beta footage that we have seen, I am prretty sure that spawning in vehicles is still a thing! Sorry mate.

Proximity chat sounds awesome. Are you aware of any other games that have implemented it successfully? I would like to understand how it would work.

COMMANDER ROLE! Now you are speaking my language. Here is a whole thread on it.

Yeah PlanetSide 2 uses proximity chat. I know there are more but that’s the only one I’ve played much of.

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I have been meaning to check out planetside for some time now, but with 2042 coming out soon, I guess I am going to have to put it in the backburner

I guess I was wrong about the take off part anyway. I started playing BF4 again which does have the jets and choppers parked at an airfield or battleship for the most part, and you have to run up to get in them. It’s getting me excited for a new modern combat BF game.